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2022 Bean Planting Season

In Colorado, we generally plant beans in late-May through early-June. Bean planting season is always an exciting time because it means beans are on the way! Our bean farmers have been hard at work making sure you will have plenty of delicious, nutritious, and sustainable Colorado beans. Check out these short videos to get an idea of what planting season looked like this year!

Planting pinto beans
Hard at work planting pinto beans at Seaworth Farms

Watch this interview with bean farmer Loren as he shares about how the planter works and why he grows beans:

A huge thank you to all our wonderful bean farmers!! Enjoy this video by A Legume a Day:

Check back again soon to see what beans look like during the season and to (virtually) join us for the bean harvest!

Views from inside the tractor during bean planting
Beautiful views from inside the tractor

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