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Back to School Beans!

We were honored that Colorado and Company with 9News Denver invited us to share about delicious, creative, and easy ways to enjoy Colorado beans! Watch this brief segment, Back to Schools with Beans!

There are three simple Colorado bean recipes in this clip:

  1. Mayocoba Bean Snickerdoodle Hummus
  2. Peanut Butter Mayocoba Bean Blondies (with Chocolate Chunks and Flaky Sea Salt)
  3. Colorado Pinto and Salsa Dip

The Pinto Salsa Dip is a flexible recipe. Use ratios that work for you, tasting as you go. If you’re looking for rough amounts to start with, try 2 cups of pinto beans, 1 cup of your favorite salsa, and juice from 1 lime. Add salt as needed and adjust ratios of beans, salsa, and lime to suit your flavor and texture preferences.

Bean blondies are addictive!

Beans are easy, delicious, and oh so nutritious! Once you start cooking with fresh Colorado beans, you’ll be hooked!

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