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Bean Dip on the Blender Bike!

In April 2022, we had the pleasure of being at the Spring Science Extravaganza hosted by the Little Shop of Physics at Colorado State University. In the theme of talking about the ‘Energy of Food,’ we were there making bean dip on a blender bike! Or rather, recruiting enthusiastic volunteers to help us pedal and whip up some delicious pinto bean and salsa dip.

The blender bike was located in an office across campus from our table, so we first had to bike it across campus, which was quite the sight to see but also a blast!

Dr. Kim Cox-York in action!

Dr. Sahar Toulabi was also there to answer questions about Colorado potatoes and showcase specialty varieties.

And – of course – we had lots of beautiful, delicious Colorado beans!

It was a great day (albeit quite windy)! We love getting to meet you all and share our passion for local food systems, food science, and nutrition with everyone. Keep the questions coming, and we hope to see you again soon.

Colorado Dry Bean Committee Outreach Director

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported Colorado agriculture while also learning about how the delicious and nutritious beans you eat provide you with energy to do all sorts of things… like power a blender bike at the Spring Science Extravaganza!

Left to right: Sarah, Sahar, Kim, and Chelsea

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