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Black-Eyed Pea Webinar

The Colorado State University (CSU) Crops Testing Program and CSU Extension recently hosted a black-eyed pea webinar for producers. The webinar covered agronomic and marketing insights into this drought-tolerant and low water use crop. Sally Jones-Diamond, the Crops Program Director, recently led this webinar on black-eyed peas.

CSU Extension Specialist Sally Jones-Diamond presented the CSU cowpea variety trial results from 2022. Joel Schneekloth, CSU Extension Water Resources Specialist, talked about water use of cowpea under different irrigation regimes. Courtney Schuler from Trinidad-Benham and Don Pope from Farmer Bean and Seed discussed agronomics and current markets. Our sincere thanks to all these experts for hosting this webinar.

Check out the recording here!

Hungry for black-eyed peas now? Check out these recipes:

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