Colorado beans

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Looking for some delicious and nutritious beans? You can:

Want to Help Colorado Bean Growers?

Ask your local grocery store to start carrying local Colorado beans. We would love to see Colorado beans on the shelf, and we need your support to help make that a reality. Grocery stores stock products that consumers demand.

Some stores are already showcasing Colorado beans, and we can’t thank them enough for supporting our bean industry! A special shoutout to:

  • Mountain Avenue Market in Fort Collins, CO – the Food Co-op carries pinto beans from Seaworth Farms and Barber’s Farms Colorado Proud beans
  • Pete’s Fruit and Produce near Cherry Creek – carries Barber’s Farms Colorado Proud beans
  • Lucky’s in Boulder, CO – carries Barber’s Farms Colorado Proud beans

Have you seen Colorado beans in other stores or markets? Please let us know so we can reach out and say thank you, and add them to this list!