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Colorado Beans at CSU Ag Day 2023

Colorado State University (CSU) Ag Day celebrates agriculture in our state. Last year, we joined CSU Ag Day 2022 and had a wonderful time meeting attendees and sharing about beans. This year, we were thrilled to be back with more info about Colorado beans. We so appreciate the event coordinators of CSU Ag Day 2023 and everyone who stopped by our booth to chat about Colorado beans!

Here are a few photos, plus the video showing about our table for CSU Ag Day 2022…

It was a beautiful day for CSU Ag Day – blue skies and lots of Colorado and CSU spirit!

CSU Ag Day 2023 - 2
CSU Ag Day 2023 - 3

At our table, we had dry beans to explain the main types we grow in Colorado, some giveaways from bean dealers/processors, pods with dry beans still inside so kids could open them and see what they look like, stickers, and more. The pinto bean shirt is just for fun, and to help draw attention to pinto beans – the #1 bean we produce here in Colorado!

Colorado beans at CSU Ag Day - our table
Colorado Beans at CSU Ag Day 2023 - 1

We also asked people what they like about beans. Here are some of the answers folks shared! Do you see the answer you would have written here? Please tell us in the comment section of this post!

Colorado Beans at CSU Ag Day - why do you like beans

Thank you to PhD students Tymofiy Lutsiv and Chelsea Didinger for sharing your passion and expertise about beans!

Colorado beans at CSU Ag Day - Tym
Colorado beans - CSU Ag Day table - Chelsea

Check out the quick, ~1-minute video from CSU Ag Day 2022!

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