Colorado Beans in the Field

The bean plants are coming along beautifully, and we wanted to share some photo and video updates from this growing season of Colorado beans in the field! We also want to acknowledge all of our incredible, hard-working farmers who strive to bring you the best, most nutritious beans. This year has been challenging with drought and extended hot temperatures, but they are keeping at it. Thank you, farmers!

Videos of Colorado Beans

Watch this video to see what a Mayocoba bean field looks like 1 month after planting.

Have you tried Colorado Proud Mayocoba beans, also called yellow beans, yet? They are delicious on their own, or try this Mayocoba Snickerdoodle Hummus, or maybe this Lemony Masala Mayocoba Bean Curry.

The Farm Babe visited our friends at Northern Feed and Bean in early July. Check out what the fields looked like then and see their cleaning and processing facility in this quick video.

Photos of Colorado Bean Plants

Can’t get enough of bean photos? Neither can we! Here are some for your enjoyment.

Pinto bean plants
Pinto plants about 2 months after planting, at Seaworth Farms
Pinto bean flower
Flowering pinto plant, ~48 days after planting
Mayocoba yellow bean plants
A Mayocoba bean field ~2 months after planting
Mayocoba bean flowers
Flowering Mayocoba bean plants

We’ll be back with more updates soon, and we can’t wait for harvest season in September!

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