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Colorado Beans Thanks You for Your Service, Harvey Colglazier!

After many years of service, Harvey Colglazier is stepping down as the President of the Colorado Dry Bean Committee. Colglazier has been an incredible advocate for Colorado beans, and we want to recognize his service to the industry and local Colorado growers and agriculture.

Harvey + Bob - Colorado beans
Bob Schork (left) and Harvey Colglazier (right) at the annual Colorado Dry Bean Committee meeting, Dec 2023

Bob Schork, Manager/Administrator of the Colorado Dry Bean Committee, shared about his experience working with Colglazier over the years:

I have been the Administrator/Manager of the Colorado Dry Bean Committee since 1996. Harvey is the fifth president I have worked for. I have been self employed for 45 years so I have had dozens of clients/bosses. Harvey is be best person I have ever worked with. He has been a director since 2005 and president since 2013. He has provided guidance for our committee as we transitioned from spending our 80% of our budget on CSU research to promotion of the Colorado dry bean industry. This was necessitated by CSU’s dropping dry bean research with the retirement of Drs. Howard Schwartz and Mark Brick.
Harvey has supported and attended many promotional activities in Denver over the years (a three plus hour drive from Holyoke). He never requested an expense reimbursement for anything. Some times he would drive to Denver for an evening event, drive back to Holyoke that night and then turn around the next day and go to Monte Vista or other remote towns for a Holyoke high school sporting event.

– Bob Schork

The Colorado Department of Agriculture also recognized Colglazier for his service by flying the Colorado State Flag in his honor.

Harvey Colglazier - recognition of service for Colorado beans
Congratulations Harvey Colglazier - Colorado beans - 1
Harvey being presented with his flag and award

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