Colorado Dry Bean Committee

We were created by the Colorado Department of Agriculture to promote the Colorado dry bean industry through market development and research.

We have an Administrator, four Grower Directors, two Dealer Directors, and two Alternate Dealer Directors.


Bob Schork

Bob Schork

Bob was the Manager of the Colorado Dry Bean Committee for over 25 years and is now our Administrator.

Although he enjoyed his career as a computer programmer, he finds that beans have at least one major advantage over computers: they are delicious! Especially Colorado beans, of course.

Grower Directors

Colorado beans

Brent Adler

Brent is a Grower Director in Wray and our Secretary and Treasurer. He has been growing beans his whole life, as did his dad and grandpa. He enjoys his two daughters’ college and high school activities and also family church functions. 

“My favorite type of bean is a pinto, especially when it is made into a spicy refried bean.” – Brent

Gary Cozzens

Gary is a Grower Director in Eaton.

He has been in the bean business for about 50 years and shares, “We are a fourth-generation farm that enjoys raising pinto beans. I enjoy Mexican Pinto Bean soup over corn chips.”

Joe Newton

Joe is a Grower Director based in Eastern Colorado and the owner of JT Farms.

More details coming soon!

Troy Seaworth

Troy is the is the President of the Colorado Dry Bean Committee and also the President of Seaworth Ag Enterprises and Wildcat Farms. He is third generation on a farm near Wellington where they currently grow dry beans, corn, sugar beets, hay, and wheat.

“My favorite dry beans to eat are pinto and Mayocoba. One favorite dish with beans would be pork and bean soup, as well as pinto bean pie that tastes similar to pecan. What I like most about Colorado beans is the quality of bean our area produces.” – Troy

Dealer Directors

Jay Ewald

Jay is a Dealer Director and CEO of Northern Feed and Bean in Lucerne. He is a passionate international entrepreneur involved at various levels of the agricultural value chain, who has built businesses for the past 40 years, as Founder, CEO, Board Member, or Advisor.

My favorite Colorado bean is the pinto bean and I love bean and cheese burritos.” – Jay

Samuel Peck

Samuel is a Dealer Director. Since 2017, he has been the International Trade Specialist for Jack’s Bean Company in Holyoke.   

Samuel has been in the international bean industry for over 40 years and was instrumental in introducing the first chickpeas to the PNW growers in the mid 80’s, which have now spread out to many other areas of the US. His focus is on exporting US dried beans around the world, but also trading beans from third country to third country. He has lived in Dubai and Peru and traveled extensively in the growing areas of China, Ethiopia, and much of South America.

When asked about his favorite Colorado bean, he says, “I enjoy working with light red kidneys the most of any of the dried bean varieties.”  

Kiaya Burnside

Kiaya is an Alternate Dealer Director. She is the the Field Representative for Kelley Bean Company in Brush, CO.

Kiaya has only been in the bean industry for a couple of years, but she has been in agriculture her whole life. She is a commercial drone pilot, and she uses drones to scout fields.

Kiaya says, “My favorite bean dish is chili, especially served on a cold winter day.”

Don Pope

Don is an Alternate Dealer Director. He is the the Field Representative for Farmer Bean & Seed in Sterling.

Don grew up on a farm and ranch near Boone, Colorado and has a Bachelor’s degree in Agronomy and Business. He is a family man, and says he married his best friend. They are both foodies who enjoy traveling together and trying new and different cuisines, and they have two kids. Don also enjoys the outdoors, gardening, hiking, fishing, and hunting with friends and family.

Don likes to incorporate yellow beans (aka Mayocoba beans) and/or black-eyed peas in Mediterranean style soups.

Our Memberships

The Colorado Dry Bean Committee promotes the Colorado bean industry by being members and sponsors of the following great organizations and groups:

Colorado Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association

They provide critical resources for Colorado fresh fruit and vegetable farmers. Did you know that beans are considered a member of two food groups according to MyPlate? Protein foods and vegetables!

Rocky Mountain Bean Dealers Association

This association works with beans throughout the Rocky Mountain region, including Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado (of course), and other states. Check out their website here.

United States Dry Bean Council

The US Dry Bean Council promotes beans through facilitating bean exports and national marketing campaigns. Explore their website for resources, events, updates about bean harvests, and more.