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Colorado Dry Beans Supporting Local Agriculture

Earlier this year (2022), we were honored to attend two wonderful events:

We are a proud member of both of these associations, which strive to support local agriculture.

These conferences happened the same week as our first Colorado Bean Summit – suffice to say it was quite the eventful week! It began with the CFVGA Conference, where Colorado Department of Agriculture Commissioner Kate Greenberg gave an opening speech.

We passed out Colorado Proud beans at our booth. Left to right in this photo: Bob Schork (our Manager), Greg Bloom (Barber’s Farms), and Chelsea Didinger (our Outreach Director).

Then, it was home for a couple days before the Colorado Bean Summit.

After the Bean Summit, we headed straight for the RMBDA Meeting. Colleagues from several states all come together for this meeting, and it is a great chance to connect in person.

We are proud to be a gold sponsor of the RMBDA meeting, as are several of our bean dealers.

Sponsor for Rocky Mountain Bean Dealers Association

Rebecca Bratter, the Executive Director of the US Dry Beans Council, presented to share global perspectives, and Dr. Henry Thompson shared about exciting research in his laboratory on beans and gut health. Plus, check out this incredible menu starring beans!

Hard to pick a favorite dish – they we all so delicious
Tasty black bean brownies for dessert!

Thanks to both of these Associations for their work to support farmers. We look forward to seeing our colleagues and continuing to promote Colorado beans again next year!

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