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Jason Webb Talks Black-Eyed Peas!

Beans have so many human health and environmental benefits, it can be hard to count – but that’s a good thing! Jason Webb – who previously worked with Trinidad Benham, one of the bean dealers in Colorado – did a fantastic job presenting in a GRIN-U Education video on cowpeas. Jason is a knowledgeable and passionate expert on cowpeas, known as black-eyed peas by many.

Be sure to watch the other cowpea video with Dr. Maria Muñoz, too.

As if that isn’t enough, Jason also recently starred in a KUNC NPR for Northern Colorado podcast. He specifically calls out one type of bean (or technically, one type of pulse). Can you guess what is is?? PS We gave you a major hint in the video above! 😉

This is a great listen and a critical topic. We hope you enjoy this Colorado Edition Special: Pain and Hope in the Republican River Basin. Nicely done, Jason!

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