Benefits of Beans Videos

Kicking Off 2022 with Beans!

There is no better way to start off the new year than with beans, especially Colorado beans! Here is a webinar Chelsea Didinger led for the Colorado State University (CSU) Extension horticulture team and Colorado Master Gardeners.

The webinar touches on various aspects of beans, including interesting food science tidbits, what the current research has to say, what beans look like in the field right here in Colorado, versatile applications in the kitchen, and more.

You can also find the webinar on CO-Horts, a site with free gardening webinars led by CSU Extension experts.

Want to see more Colorado beans in the field? Be sure to browse our videos. And – of course – check where you can buy Colorado beans.

Also, if you want to see more from Chelsea, check out her website, A Legume a Day, for recipes, science tidbits, and more.


  1. Hi Chelsea,
    Where can I get that Bean Freak T-Shirt that I see you wearing. I want to buy one from you in size Xl and shipping too.


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