Metropolitan State University of Denver – Bean Recipe Contest Winners

Chef Jackson Lamb of Metropolitan State University of Denver conducted a recipe contest for Hospitality students in 2021. There were multiple rounds, and the students delivered excellent and creative dishes! Barber’s Farms and the Colorado Dry Bean Committee provided prize money as a thank you for their enthusiasm about beans and recognition of their tasty efforts!

Proud recipe contest winners!

The contest categories were as follows:

  • International Rice and Beans: Seeking recipes from any culture or cuisine. Israeli, Lebanese, Moroccan, Colombian, Mexican, Asian, African, Cuban, Italian, and anything else.
  • Black Bean: Seeking recipes of black bean burgers, meatballs, and meatloaf, and anything else.
  • Garbanzo Bean: Seeking recipes of hummus, falafel, and roasted garbanzos, and anything else.
  • Red kidney Bean: Seeking recipes of chili, meatloaf, 3-bean salad, and anything else.
  • Black-Eyed Pea: Looking to gather recipes prior to New Year’s Eve.

Winning Bean Contest Recipes

Check out these amazing recipes – way to go, MSU Hospitality students! Some of the recipes are not currently available, but we hope to be able to upload them soon.

International Recipe Winners

Red Kidney Bean Winners

Black Bean Winners

Garbanzo Bean Recipe Winners

Black-Eyed Pea Recipe Winners

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