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Pinto Bean Soup

Colorado Proud highlighted glorious Colorado pinto beans in their January recipe, a satisfying pinto bean soup. Our recommendation: pick up some Colorado Proud pinto beans and try out this delicious Pinto Bean and Sausage Soup!

Pinto Bean Soup Recipe

You can find the recipe here, on the Colorado Proud website.

Colorado Pinto Bean Soup
Thank you for the photo, Colorado Proud.

This recipe was so well-received and tasty that Morning Ag Clips wrote about it, too. Their article is titled “Colorado Proud recipe of the month: Colorado beans are a magical ingredient” – and we couldn’t agree more!

Read the full post by Morning Ag here.

More Pinto Bean Soup Recipes

Looking for more Colorado pinto bean soup recipes? Make a nice big batch of this Colorado Pinto and Ham Soup.

Pinto and Spiced Ham Soup

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