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The 2022 Bean Growing Season in Photos

Previously, we shared about both the planting season and the early part of the bean growing season for 2022. Now, harvest season is in full swing here in Colorado! This year presented challenges, but farmers are incredibly hard-working and dedicated to bringing us delicious and nutritious Colorado beans. Virtually join us in the field with these photos and videos from farms and research plots from this season.

Photos of Colorado Beans in the Field

We visited the crops testing program in Otis and Kirk, Colorado. Different varieties of beans – primarily pinto beans – are being tested for yield, disease resistance, drought tolerance, and more. Watch the videos about the trial fields here.

The trial field in Otis, Colorado

Sneak peek of Sally Jones-Diamond, with the CSU Crops Testing Program, filming Ryan Erickson of Farmer Bean & Seed, who is providing an update from the trial field. Check back soon to see the video!

Checking on the trial plots – there is nothing quite like the feeling of walking through a field of beans!

A black-eyed pea flower

Black-eyed peas from a field that was further along, but still not quite ready for harvest

A pinto bean plant getting close to harvest time – you can see the pods are starting to dry down.

A Mayocoba bean, almost ready for harvest. Note the lovely, vibrant yellow color.

Black beans taking on their beautiful, dark color. Notice how they start out white, then transition to purple, and finally turn black.

Cutting Mayocoba beans, which will then be left in the field to dry for about 1 week before combining them for this year’s delicious new crop! This was taken at Hungenberg Produce, who works with Northern Feed & Bean to clean and bag their beans.

A freshly cut windrow of Mayocoba beans

The combine in action

Look at all those beautiful beans!

Videos of Colorado Beans in the Field

Watch these videos from our friends at Northern Feed and Bean that were taken during the growing season to see what the bean plants look like at different stages.

Thank you farmers, and thank you to all of you supporting Colorado bean farmers and processors!

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